Here is where it gets real naughty… until I point a gun at him

There’s a part of the exquisite cadaver that I can’t find.  All I remember is that I started writing about touching myself, and then he took it up from there…

clit copy
I love his use of the word “seep”!

ecstasy copypointing a gun copy


We share a deep, wet, and passionate kiss in a dark alley

What just happened opened up a whole new world of possibilities.  This guy that I had found was into writing just as much as I am.  I loved his come back.  I couldn’t help but reciprocate, even though I’m always weary of being flirtatious on such an early online interaction.

boyfriend copy
I thought our little story would end here, and we would continue texting back and forth, until we could settle on a date to meet in person.  But this guy meant business…

ordered drink copy
By now I’m lost.  I wanna go for it.  I’m eager to engage in this delicious exchange, but I don’t know this guy very well, so I want to be cautious…

small knife copy

wet kiss copy
How to react to a “deep, wet and passionate kiss”?  And then he gets into the whole “we knew each other from another life” thing!!!  Am I crazy, or there’s a connection right there?  I had to give him something more.  Besides, I felt like I had to up the ante.

killed boyfriend copy
Damn, we are so fucking good!!!


It all started with an exquisite cadaver

Well, it actually started with a cute comment on a dating website, but this doesn’t make quite a catchy tittle, the exquisite cadaver came later.  I said I thought he had a delicious smile (and it is).  He said all of me looked delicious (and I am).  It wasn’t until I gave him a little bit of fantasy that I got him hooked.

at casino copy
His reply was so deliciously surprising!  This is where the cadaver comes in.  An exquisite cadaver is a creative work made collectively, taking turns between the creators.   He got into the story and started to build upon it.

me too copy
My reaction to that:  OMG!!!!! I’m in love with you right now!!!! I’m laughing so hard!!!!